Personal Reiki Session
For best results a series of several session are helpful to assist the body on the journey to wellness.
Customized wellness programs available to address your specific needs, from migraines, anxiety, depression, and even cancer.
Reiki works in partnership with western medicine and provide stress relief to allow wellness into your healthcare journey.
Women with fertility concerns find Reiki a useful treatment to assist in becoming pregnant, during pregnancy process and with child-birth.

$125.00  for 1 session (40 minutes approx)
$325.00 for 3 sessions (save $50.00)
$800.00 for 8 sessions (save $75.00)

Energy Center Sessions
Energy center sessions are a series of eight personal treatments working with all seven major chakras.  The eighth session being a review session.  It is an effective and powerful tool for healing and enhancing your natural flow of energy.  This course of treatment is designed to heal and align your personal energies and empower you to start living the life you choose to live.

1st session – The Root Chakra
2nd session – The Sacral Chakra
3rd session – The Solar Plexus Chakra
4th session – The Heart Chakra
5th session – The Throat Chakra
6th session – The Third Eye Chakra
7th session – The Crown Chakra
8th session – Integration and Review

You can choose to work on a single chakra for $125.00 per session or book a series of eight sessions for $800.00 (saving $75.00) and feel the full benefit of aligning all seven chakras.

Please feel free to call the office at the number above for more details and to book a session.  I'm always happy to provide more information should you need it.

*All major credit cards, checks and cash accepted.

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